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Le Partenariat - Case Study

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Your name and role: Activities organised by Soleine Tardieux, English Teacher

School/organization: Collège Paul Eluard, Cysoing


  1. Briefly describe the activity you delivered in your classroom, including the ages of children/young people (200 words maximum):

We organise several things during a year. We had conferences with 60 students (2 classes). They gave introductory speeches in English. Then worked on being a global citizen. 

Furthermore, we exchange letters with a school in England, who wrote to my students to explain climate change. Her students wrote back with their views.

They have held a week of activities in May based on the Global Goals. This includes a friendship day and a Climate Day.


  1. How did the activity address climate change? (200 words maximum):

This whole activity allows us to talk about social justice, respect and therefore the respect for our environment, our planet. By defining what a global citizen is, we begin discussions to finally talk about climate change and action.


  1. What was a success? (You can share small stories, if you like) What was the impact on the pupils/school? (200 words maximum):

It has been easy to engage students with the issues. They find it more difficult to talk with others, particularly outside school. It is hard to get volunteers to take part in actions outside


  1. Any other comments:

Link to the padlet : https://padlet.com/mrstardieux/i-can-project-coll-ge-paul-eluard-cysoing-jvs49wetvcbc  

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