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LWC Case Study' Impact of the ‘ I Can Project’ on Younger Pupils who attended a Climate Conference'


 Six Primary schools attended a ‘Mock COP UN Climate Change Conference’   in October 2022, this was hosted by the Eco Centre in Sefton and attended by 33 pupils aged 10/11. They developed speeches and entered this role play activity with their teams speaking on behalf of Bangladesh, Australia, USA, Brazil, The Marshall Islands. China, Egypt, India, UK and Saudi Arabia.  The standard of their speeches and debating was excellent and the resources provided by the I Can project [ IO2] helped them prepare to a high standard.

One of the teachers Caroline  Fraser [ from Linaker Primary School] commented that:

‘’ The pupils loved the experience of conference and valued the research tasks, two of the pupils who attended have learning challenges and it was especially valuable for them to have their work valued.’’


As a result of the conference ‘’These pupils joined with the School Council and collaborated to organise our clothing swap, running the event  and utilising me to mainly carry things! 

This event was so successful that the pupils are holding another in the summer term.’’  

She added a final  comment: ‘’Thank you very much for the invitation to join your project - it was thoroughly enjoyable and such a valuable learning experience. ‘’


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