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Le Partenariat - Case study "Climate Tree"

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Your name and role: Nathalie Piquet, Earth and biology teacher


School/organization: Collège de l’Europe, Ardres (France)


Email (optional):  nathalie-julien.piquet@ac-lille.fr



  1. Briefly describe the activity you delivered in your classroom, including the ages of children/young people (200 words maximum):


The activity is based on “Arbre Educlimat”: https://educlimat.fr/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/01_Guide-danimation-LArbre-Educlimat.pdf (in French)


Here are the main steps of the activity:

1- Energy sources available for human activities: define energy and then classify the cards depending on the type of energy (fossil, renewable and fissile)

2- The greenhouse effect: read a text on greenhouse effect and try to draw a scheme

3- Classification of human activities according to their impact on the greenhouse effect

4- Climate change and its consequences: students had to find out the consequences for people, the environment and biodiversity                            

5- What individual and collective actions can be put in place at school, at home?


This activity was delivered to 3 classes of about 25 pupils (14 years old).



  1. How did the activity address climate change? (200 words maximum):


Students had to find out the consequences of climate change on people, on the environment and on biodiversity. They also had to find individual and collective solutions (at home or at school).                  




  1. What was a success? (You can share small stories, if you like) What was the impact on the pupils/school? (200 words maximum):


They were fully involved in the activity and it’s a good way to make links between causes and consequences.

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