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Le Partenariat - Case Study about water

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Your name and role: Kassandra Eser, project manager


School/organization: Le Partenariat



  1. Briefly describe the activity you delivered in your classroom, including the ages of children/young people (200 words maximum):


It is a 2-hour activity where participants are divided into six teams, each group represents a different country, and moves around a large planisphere-shaped board. The students were between 11 and 12 years old.

The players travel around the world answering questions thanks to a pedagogical guide: they develop their knowledge on water supply and sanitation techniques, to be able to accumulate a maximum of points, and manage the access to water in their own country. At the end of the round, a reflection is initiated on the inequalities in relation to this resource, and on the possibilities of action (individual and collective) of each one.



  1. How did the activity addressed climate change? (200 words maximum):


In the first part of the activity, the groups should report the main information about water in their countries, such as consumption, main use, and in particular the problems and consequences of climate change on water.



  1. What was a success? (You can share small stories, if you like) What was the impact on the pupils/school? (200 words maximum):


The activity worked very well and we were able to discuss water issues in the world, in France (especially with the drought) and in our daily lives (become aware).

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