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Your name and role: Chloé Tétart, Project Manager


School/organization: Le Partenariat


Email (optional): ctetart@lepartenariat.org



  1. Briefly describe the activities that the teachers involved in the I Can project have developed in their schools(200 words maximum):


I have worked with two teachers involved in the I-CAN project. They are both very involved in climate related issues in their school and lead a lot of activities linked with awareness raising and climate.

They both used some of the activities from our Climate Action Guide with their pupils. They delivered these activities with a different point of view as one of them is an English teacher while the other one is a biology teacher. They also used the UN Climate Conference model and organized conferences with small groups and whole classes.

In addition to the activities they discovered thanks to the I-CAN project, they implemented a lot of activities such as an exhibition linked with the protection of oceans, awareness raising campaigns at school to avoid food waste or promote recycling.

They gave much importance to collaborative work and invited pupils from different levels and ages to work together. They were all between 11 and 14 years old.




  1. How did the activity addressed climate change?(200 words maximum):



The activities implemented by teachers contributed to raise awareness about climate change among the pupils but also among teachers and school leaders. In continuation of these activities, some pupils participated in concrete climate actions at school such as planting trees and flowers, creating an exhibition on plastic pollution damages or organizing a competition between classes in order to determine which one is the most sustainable.


Finally, the pupils implemented actions in order to have a wider impact outside of school through the organization of “Clean Walks”, the creation of awareness raising videos or the writing of poems aimed at alerting people to the issues linked with pollution and climate change.





  1. What has been the impact of these activities on the young people and their teachers?(200 words maximum):



The impact of these activities on the young people and their teachers were very positive. Indeed, the use of participative and innovative methodologies were much appreciated and are a real source of motivation.

The material provided to teachers through the I-CAN project gives them confidence in delivering activities related to climate change.

Young people are generally very interested in topics linked with climate change and they really felt that participating in such activities or events made them even more active and empowered.

Topic starter Posted : 19/04/2023 3:37 pm