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Case Study – UK students use Climate Conference Kit Theme 4 activities and share their learning

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Theme 4 step-by-step activities support groups of students to involve their whole school in climate action. On-line sessions run by ICN between school groups and their teachers in the UK have helped create a ‘community of action’. Students have used the activities and shared their work as they develop their own climate action campaigns, with specific aims such as to:

  • Reduce the amount of paper being thrown away. Increase the amount of paper being recycled.

  • Ensure less rubbish goes to landfill, including: recycling done properly/less waste being put in the wrong bins.

  • Reduce the amount of meat being consumed by students and staff.

The groups have found the sheets useful, and have been carrying out investigations and speaking to different groups in school:

  • We have been designing a survey to ask students about challenges with regard to transport.

  • Students wanted to focus on improving the school environment-by reducing the amount of litter around the site and then moving onto how we can reduce waste.

  • We have been preparing to speak in assembly.

  • Our groups has shared a Powerpoint about climate change with tutor groups, also talking about litter around school site.

  • We're thinking about No-meat Mondays and are going to seek out student feedback before we implement this school-wide.

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