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What did your school do? Thornleigh High School Bolton


   Here Emma Lyon describes the impact of the I Can project

Describe the number of pupils directly and indirectly involved.

  • Global Leaders is open to all Year groups, and we currently have around 30 students from Year 8-11 work directly/indirectly on projects
  • Eco Group has around 10 member from KS3
  • The whole school is informed and invited to take part in activities during the assemblies

 Write a few bullet points about the long-term legacy of the project on the school, consider climate education, pupils developing skills and the running of Climate conferences.

  • We are continuing to embed a global curriculum and are working to include the sustainable development goals across the curriculum. 
  • New projects are regularly being discussed during meetings.
  • Impact on the International School Award
  • students are becoming more aware of climate issues and critically thinking about issues.
  • continuing to develop links with climate organisations across the world and in our own community.

Behaviour change – has there been a shift in the behaviours of the school and wider community as a result of the project eg- walking more, different diets, energy efficiency, less consumption.

  • more students ride a bike to school.
  • plastic free in school with recyclable products/packaging from the canteen
  • more energy conscious about turning off lights and equipment
  • use recycled paper across all the school
  • awareness of littering - this has been significantly reduced


Pupils voice and Action- are your pupils able to raise issues and share their views on this topic with greater confidence because of the work done?

  • Students are more conscious of climate issues and can talk more confidently about the changes and impacts
  • confidence in public speaking
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