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LWC Case Study : Emma Lyon Teacher working at Thornleigh Salesian College in the North West of England Role: Subject Leader MFL and International Schools Coordinator

  1. Briefly describe the activity you delivered in your classroom, including the ages of children/young people:

 Our Year 10 Global Leaders took part in their very own COP26 session on the last day of the conference in Glasgow. They had the challenging task of representing China during an on-line UN-style dialogue on the environment with other “countries”. The students set about expanding their knowledge of the country and then set about to carefully use their research to defend China’s current position on sustainable development. During the conference they also collaborated with others to find solutions to achieving global emissions targets. Our students rose to the challenge spectacularly and survived some scathing attacks from the Marshall Islands.  

  1. How did the activity address climate change?

There have been many key aims to the work done with students at our school as part of the I Can project. These range from understanding how climate change impacts on the world today and how they can make a difference to creating hope through action and encouraging students to be passionate, political and positive about their capacity to create change. They have explored ways in which they can contribute to helping the planet and how they can adapt the way they live their lives to help the planet. They have been learning how to protect the environment and create a more ecologically and socially just world through informed action and living more sustainably. During the COP26, the students were able to develop a deeper understanding of key Climate Issues in the world around us and to then develop these ideas further with research. They thought critically about important issues, and they were able to articulate their ideas in a public forum. Before the activity the students had very varied perceptions of climate change and also China but as they continued their research, they began to look more in depth at problems and solutions and this has also made them think about their own local community.

  1. What was your students / colleagues reaction to the activity? 

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the event and the staff involved were extremely impressed by the professionalism and respect shown by each country. They are excited to continue this within our own school setting and to lead our own COP in the new academic year. Our   leading students[ known as Global Leaders] have also become more involved in whole school activities, supporting whole school SDG initiatives, leading the whole school assemblies and supporting the younger students. They have also introduced key ideas to Subject Leaders to discuss where the Sustainable Development Goals fit in with the whole school curriculum and they have delivered presentations to Governors. They have also provided articles about recent international work for the school newsletter and developed an international dimension throughout the school by developing cross curricular projects within each year group. They have demonstrated enthusiasm, creativity, initiative and positivity and they have led by example by being extremely reliable and attended all meetings on time. One said ‘it is amazing how our voices are being listened to. I have learnt so much this year and I have made those small but significant changes in my own life so that it will impact on others.’


  1. How would you develop the activity in the future? What are the pros and cons?

We want to empower students to make a difference by gaining a deeper understanding of the damage certain everyday habits are to the environment and developing a deeper understanding of what students can personally do to help the environment. The students have demonstrated a passion for promoting Climate Action and an International Awareness throughout the school, the wider school community and the local community. Our students continue to think about their role in protecting the future of our planet as the group regularly meets during tutor time, and we are now working on projects within our own school community. In the next academic year, our Global Leaders, with support from RE and Geography, are going to lead a whole school COP. Each Year Group form will be allocated a country and then each country will send representatives to the COP. The students will then have to research the information during tutor time and then their ideas will be presented. The final COP will be supported by the local MP. We are going to have to look at the logistics of working with the whole school at the same time. The current though is to ‘zoom’ the final conference.

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